Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a permit to repair my roof?
No, not if you are repairing or replacing an existing roof.  But if you are putting up a new roof, changing the pitch of an exisiting roof, or making other structural changes, you'll need a Building Permit. Permit applications and instructions are available on this website (WWW.TINICUMBUCKS.ORG) by clicking on Permits & Applications. You can also pick up a copy by stopping by the Township Office at 163 Municipal Road, Pipersville.   

I want to put a shed in my yard. Do I need a permit?
If the shed is under 1,000 square feet you only need a zoning permit. If the shed is more than 1,000 square feet you will need a building and a zoning permit.
Both are available on Permits & Applications page on this website.

I want to build a garage.  What do I need to do? 
If the garage is under 1,000 square feet you only need a zoning permit. If the garage is more than 1,000 square feet you will need a building and a zoning permit. Both are available on Permits & Applications page on this website.

How do I know if my property is in the floodplain?
General information can be obtained at In 2011, FEMA proposed changes to the FEMA Flood Maps. The Bucks County Planning Commission has prepared an on-line viewer for new FEMA flood maps as a way of illustrating the proposed Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) changes. The viewer shows both current maps and the proposed new FEMA maps. You can search the map by municipality, street address, or tax parcel. The viewer also enables you to enlarge, reduce, or pan across the map.

To view the new FEMA flood maps click on the link: Additionally, Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Insurance Rate and floodplain district maps are available for review at the Tinicum Township building to give residents a general idea.  For a precise determination, you must contact a surveyor.

I'm thinking about buying a house on the river but the realtor said that I wouldn't be able to put an addition on it because it's in the floodplain.  Is this true?
It depends on the base flood elevation of the structure and it's location on the FEMA flood maps.  To best determine your options, obtain an elevation certificate and contact the Tinicum Township Zoning Officer at 610-294-8076. You should also review the new, proposed FEMA flood maps clink on the link:

Why do I need to register my tenants?
Tinicum Township provides this information to the 911 system. It's not only important that you register tenants - it's also very important that the entrances and addresses for all units are well MARKED. Contact the Township Office for more information at 610-294-9154.

How often does my septic tank get emptied?
Typically, a septic tank gets emptied every three years.  For more information, visit website the PA State website at

I've heard about bears in the area. How can I keep them away from my property?
Black Bears will consume almost anything, including human food, garbage, bird feed, pet foods and livestock feed. They also raid cornfields and beehives. The PA Game Commission suggests best way to avoid attracting bears is to:

  • Store trash, birdseed and pet food inside a building, garage or secure shed.
  • Put out your trash the morning of collection day – not the night before.
  • Clean garbage cans regularly, with hot water and chlorine bleach.
  • Take down birdfeeders, including hummingbird feeders.
  • Feed pets inside. Do not feed or leave pet food out on patios or decks.
  • Feed livestock in the barn or bring in food pans at night.
  • Clean the grill after every use, and properly dispose of grill grease.
  • Never attempt to feed bears.

For more information about living with bears check the Game Commission website at

How can I get a pothole or drainage issue fixed?
PennDOT offers an online Customer Care Center (CCC) for residents of Pennsylvania to submit complaints about potholes, drainage issues, etc. For immediate safety concerns, please call 1-800-FIX-ROAD to be directly connected to the county maintenance office in your area. For potholes or road surface issues on the Township maintained roads, please contact the Public Works Department at 610-294-9153. If you are unsure about who maintains the road please refer to the Tinicum Township Public Works Dept. page on this website.

Who do I contact to remove a dead deer from the front of my house?
Contact PennDOT for routes 1, 13, 202, 309, 611, 663, & I-95 by calling 215-345-6060 or you can use the online Customer Care Center (CCC). Contact the PA Game Commission SE Region for non-major roads or wounded animal at 610-926-3136 or by calling the PA Game Commission toll-free number at 877-877-9470.

Who do I contact for questions about my property taxes?
Contact Kim Hinrichs at 610-294-9669 for questions about your Real Estate taxes.

Who do I contact for questions about my Earned Income Tax (EIT)?
Contact EIT Keystone Collections at 724-978-0300 for questions about your Earned Income Tax.

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