The Land Preservation Committee meeting scheduled for Monday, February 27th has been canceled. The next scheduled LPC meeting is March 27th at 7:30pm. 2/23/17

Tinicum Township needs your help!

We are looking for residents interested in serving as a volunteer on any committiee including the Planning Commission to please contact the Office. Thank you!

We would like to restart the Tinicum Newsletter! Any residents who would like to volunteer to write articles or edit the Newsletter are welcome to contact the Office. Thank you! 2/17/17

Road Closure- Friday, February 24th from 7am to 3pm, lane restrictions are scheduled on Red Hill Road at Frankenfield Road for tree removal operations. Traffic will be controlled by flagging. Motorists are advised to allow extra time when traveling through this work zone. 2/16/17

Sealed proposals will be accepted for the Tinicum Township Dept of Public Works for the installation of a replacement Factory Rebuilt Engine and Transmission in a 2003 Sterling Dump Truck.

Bids will be opened on February 15th at 10:00 am in the Township Municipal Office.

The bid will be formally awarded at the regular Supervisors meeting on February 21st. The Township reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the proposals in part or in whole in the best interests of Tinicum Township. Bidders are invited to download the specifications. 1/30/17

Final Draft of the Zoning Ordinance amendments to include definition of the term "qualifying improvement," setting forth the terms of the overlay districts, establishing increased setbacks for accessory structures in excess of 800 square feet and 20 feet in height, establishing that nonconforming setbacks do not apply to new structures, and elimination of reference to the environmental advisory committee and replacement with Planning Commission. Click here for a PDF of the Draft. Click here for a PDF of the new map. 1/18/17

Bucks County Planning Commission review of the Draft Zoning Ordinance. Click here for a PDF. 2/16/17


Tinicum lost one of its brightest stars on Thursday.

Robert Stanfield was an amazing volunteer for many, many years.

He had a great affection for our beautiful township and his community and he shared much of his time, his amazing mind and his talents freely for the benefit of all.

Those of us that were lucky enough to work with Bob, will never forget him.

We will miss him dearly.

Click on for information on Bob's memorial service. 1/16/17


Recycle your Christmas trees! Our Public Works Department will recycle your live Christmas trees. Please remove all decorations and drop your tree off by the Recycle bin.

2017 Budget
The Board of Supervisors met on December 6, 2016 and has made a few revisions to the advertised budget. To review the revised 2017 Budget click here. Approval and passage of the proposed budget has been tabled to the December 20th meeting of the Board. posted 12-7-16 tl

Uhlerstown Hill Road is now closed for the season.

Headquarters Road Bridge Status:

PennDOT is holding a special public meeting at Palisades High School on Tuesday, Dec 13th at 5:30pm. Related documents are now available to the public at the Township Office, Pipersville Library and the Tinicum Conservancy.

The Proposed Budget is open for public review. A hearing to consider adoption is scheduled for the December 6th, 2017 Board meeting.
Click here to see the proposed budget.

2017 Budget
Tinicum Township Board of Supervisors met on September 22, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. to begin discussions on the Township's 2017 budgetary needs. Budget work sessions will continue as needed throughout the process until the final budget is ready for advertisement and adoption. The next budget workshop meeting will be held on Thursday, October 20th at 4:00 pm. posted 9-23-16 tl

Would you like to receive email notices about update, changes or cancellations? Send an email to us or sign up at a meeting. We will not share your email.

Township Police Warn of phony IRS scammers who continue to harass our residents- go to for further information.

2017 Budget
Tinicum Township Board of Supervisors will meet on September 22, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. to begin discussions on the Township's 2017 budgetary needs. Budget work sessions will continue as needed throughout the process until the final budget is ready for advertisement and adoption. Continuance dates will be advertised on the township website. posted 9-9-16 tl

Township Police Warn of Scams occuring during this time of year-Driveway and home repair scams.

Residents should be wary of unknown persons showing up at their home to solicit driveway paving or other home repairs. Although they may be a legitimate business, the police recommend that the homeowner seek out their own contractors who can provide references with a proven track record. Residents are urged to call the police if they have any question regarding the legitimacy of any person showing up at their home uninvited.

Tinicum Township Park & Recreation Committee is very happy to announce that our first "Little Library" has been installed by our Public Works crew. The library was designed, constructed, and donated by Phil Szymanowski of Phil Built. It is a fabulous example of Phil's craftsmanship, generosity and pride of community.

Centrally located at the township building (on the corner of the building by the flag pole), it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!! Please feel free to bring a book or two to place in the library, and take a book or two to read yourself. The books you borrow can either be returned to the library - or you can pass it on to your family or friends, or keep for your collection!

Your book donations are very much appreciated, just make sure the door closes completely so no books are exposed to the elements. Most reading genres are acceptable - yes childrens' books too! Please leave only family friendly reading materials in our library. Happy Reading!

The Tinicum Township Audit has been completed. Please click on the link to view the financial statement

Headquarters Road Bridge- Update

The Determination of Effects Report for the Headquarters Road Bridge has been posted on at the link below. The document reviews the historic resources present, various alternatives considered, and describes the anticipated effect the preferred alternative will have on the historic properties. As described in the report, PennDOTs preferred alternative is a 2 lane replacement structure.

UPDATED Floodplain Maps now available for viewing! Posted 5-20-15

Updated Floodplain Maps (effective March 16, 2015) can be viewed at following Bucks County website:

Additional information can be found at and


  • Uhlerstown Hill Road is CLOSED
  • Point Pleasant Bridge Replacement Construction for Route 32/River Road over Tohickon Creek is underway. PennDOT notes of possible lane restriction between Byram Rd. & Tohickon Hill Rd. weekdays 9AM - 3 PM. Loftus Construction informed the Township that River Road will remain open during this project with the exception of a short term detour lasting no more than 7 days. Access to local businesses and driveways will be maintained throughout.
  • Headquarters Road Bridge over Tinicum Creek at Sheephole Road is CLOSED.
  • Feasibility study to rehabilitate/repair Creamery Road over the Tohickon Creek Bridge Project is underway.
  • Check traffic conditions on major PA highways before heading out. Motorists can log on to or call 511 from any phone.

In case of flood warnings, please check the link below to the National Weather Service web site current and forecasted river conditions.,1,1,1,1,1,1,1%22

Learn How to Protect Your Groundwater
For more information about how you can protect your groundwater, click here.


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