To handle day-to-day garbage and recycling needs, residents in Tinicum Township contract with private waste haulers such as DelGuerico's Inc., Holland Disposal, Leck Waste Services, Republic Services, Waste Management or Chrin Hauling.

Tinicum Township, in partnership with DelGuerico's, also offers free recycling services to the community. The recycle bin is located at the Tinicum Public Works building, 163 Municipal Road, Pipersville, PA 18947. You need not notify anyone that you’re dropping off, but please note that this is a supplemental service and is not meant to replace regular curbside trash and recycling collection. We accept all types of glass, metals and plastics. We can also recycle plastic grocery bags, all newspapers and magazines, junk mail, corrugated and non-corrugated cardboard, coated papers, multi-use and copy paper, paper towels and any other pulp based kitchen waste.

You can also safely dispose of and recycle your appliances, refrigerators, air conditioners, tires, scrap steel and aluminum, furniture and used oil at the Public Works Building, but please stop by the Municipal Office at 610-294-9154 beforehand as a small fee may apply. Click here to see costs.


Do you have clothes, coats, shoes, boots, sneakers, belts, purses, blankets, pillows, sheets or stuffed animals that you would like to recycle? Bring them to the new clothing shed at the Delaware Valley Fire Company at 75 Headquarters Rd. in Erwinna. Tax-deduction forms are available on site.



Recycle desktop & laptop computers, tablets, eReaders, monitors, desktop printers, copiers, scanners, faxes, shredders, mice, keyboards, modems, routers, PC speakers, digital cameras, MP3 players, mobile & cordless phones, hard drives and small servers can be recycled for free at Staples and Best Buy stores. Televisions may be recycled for a $25 fee at Best Buy and Gigabiter (866-944-2248). Shred One Security Corp offers recycling & shredding services- click on the link for fees & directions

Bucks County Television Recycling Options


Alkaline batteries, which are ordinary household batteries (AA, AAA, etc.), are now manufactured with less mercury and fall below Federal and State hazardous waste standards allowing them to be disposed of in the regular trash.

Rechargeable batteries found in cordless power tools, cellular and cordless phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, two-way radios, camcorders, and remote control toys should be recycled. Rechargeable batteries CAN be recycled at participating retail locations including the following: Radio Shack, Best Buy, Staples, Target, Office Max, Lowes, Home Depot, Sears, WalMart and Verizon Wireless.

Rechargeable batteries sometimes look like regular alkaline batteries. The label on the battery will indicate if it is rechargeable. Recycle all rechargeable batteries labeled Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium Ion (Li-ion) and Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn). If it says “Alkaline”, dispose of it in the regular trash.

Button cell batteries (silver oxide, mercuric oxicide, lithium) still contain mercury. These batteries can be brought to Radio Shack, place of purchase, or a Bucks County’s Household Hazardous Waste event.

Car or Lawn Tractor batteries can be can be returned to place of purchase.

For other recycling ideas go to

Other Means of Recycling

Other options are 611 Metals 267-221-6924, 6776 Easton Road, Pipersville and Best Buy 215-804-0039, 646 N. West End Blvd., Quakertown, PA.

FirstEnergy/Met-Ed will pick up your old refrigerator or freezer and give you a check for $50! Chances are, the old refrigerator or freezer in your basement or garage is running up your utility bill by an average of $150 a year. Recycle it, reduce your energy use and keep harmful materials out of landfills. They will pick it up and you will pick up $50. Old refrigerators and freezers typically use two times more electricity than newer models that are being produced today. FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania Utilities have contracted JACO Environmental to provide appliance recycling services to their Pennsylvania residential customers. JACO will perform all pick up and recycling activities for this program. To schedule an appointment with JACO for an appliance pick up, call 877-270-3521 or visit

For a fee, 1-800-GOT-JUNK can come to your house and haul away appliances, refrigerators, mattresses, TVs, tires, carpets and more. Check out what they will take at Other pick-up services include Junk Luggers 1-800-584-5864 and E-Waste Experts at 1-800-328-2927.


ReStore, located at 31 Oak Ave., Chalfont, PA 18914, accepts donations of new or gently-used building materials, furniture, home decor and working or non-working appliances, keeping tons of waste out of our landfills every year. Additionally, sales go to help fund the construction of Habitat houses within the community. Restore can arrange pick-up or you can drop off items up to a half hour before closing time. For more information go to or call 215-822-2708.


DelGuerico's, Inc.
2895 Grouse Lane, Suite 100
Riegelsville, PA 18077 USA
(610) 346-9500

Holland Disposal Co
307 Upper Tinicum Church Rd
Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972
(610) 982-5779

Leck Waste Services
PO Box 2609
237 Jacksonville Rd
Ivyland, PA 18974
(215) 675-8000

Republic Services of Bucksmont, Allied Waste Division
731 E. Reliance RD
Telford, PA 18969
(215) 723-0400

Waste Management
400 Progress Drive
Tel ford, PA 18969

Chrin Hauling Inc.
635 Industrial Drive
Easton, PA 18042-7339
(610) 258-8737


Bucks County runs Hazardous Waste Collection Events at various locations in Bucks County. Click here for the 2017 Schedule and more information.

This program is a community service of the Bucks County Board of Commissioners and participating municipalities and is not open to business, industry, or institutions. TInicum Township posts the schedule when it becomes available. Acceptable materials are listed below. For more information on the program go to or call Bucks County Planning Commission at 215-345-3400.

Household Hazardous Waste
Household products containing toxic chemicals, like pesticides, oil-based paints, solvents, cleaning products, weed killers and automotive batteries can be a threat to people and the environment if improperly discarded. Never throw these materials in to the trash, as toxic chemicals may harm sanitation workers, or result in fires in collection vehicles. It is also not safe to pour them into a sink or storm drain as they can end up in environment polluting the air, water, or soil.

The program accepts Household Batteries: All Button Types, Lithium, Rechargeable; Lead Acid Batteries: Car, Marine, Motorcycle, Truck; Caustics: Ammonia-Based Cleaners, Household Lye, Oven Cleaner, Drain Cleaner, Metal Cleaner; Flammables: Oil-Based Paint, Spot Removers, Gasoline, Kerosene, Gas/Oil Mixture, Heating Oil; Pesticides: Chlordane, DDT, Malathion, Sevin, Rodent Poison; Propane Tanks: 20 lbs. or less only; and Toxics: Photographic Chemicals, Pool Chemicals, Rust/Paint Remover, Weed Killer, Antifreeze, Mercury, CFL's (Fluorescent Lamps)

Do NOT Bring: Latex Paint  - Latex paint is NOT toxic, it is water based; Asbestos;Biological Waste; Explosives; Gas Cylinders; Household Batteries (regular alkaline); PCBs; Pressurized CFCs (greater than 1 lb.); Radioactive; Waste; Tires

Bucks County Paint Recycling Information

Do NOT Bring:
TVs, answering machines, blenders, camcorders, cell phones, copiers CPUs, electric typewriters, fax machines, gaming consoles/controllers, keyboards, laptop computers, mice, microwaves, monitors, power cords, power supplies, cables, print cartridges, printers, radios, rechargeable batteries, remote controls, scanners, stereo/tape/CD players, telephones, toasters, vacuums, VCR/DVDs.

Do NOT Bring:
No Freon (no air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and refrigerators), Biological Waste (needles, test strips, etc.), Explosives, Gas Cylinders, Household Batteries (regular alkaline), Large Kitchen Appliances (stove, refrigerator, etc.), Lawn Mowers, Radioactive Waste, Tires.

Bucks County Alternatives for the Proper Disposal of Appliances that Contain Freon

If you are unsure whether you can bring an item please call the Bucks County Planning Commission: 215-345-3400 or The PADEP Recycling Hotline: 1-800-346-4242.